EMX Interns



  • Weekly in-class case discussions, flipped classroom model
  • Self-directed learning and critical thinking is required
  • All resources provided free of charge (ie, FOAMed)


  • Saturday mornings, 0900-1200 hrs
  • UC Davis School of Medicine, MedEd Bldg
  • Internet access is required (eg, computer, tablet, etc.)
  • Complete all assigned modules prior to the start of the seminar


Please read/watch each assigned FOAMed Preparation prior to our meetings.


FOAMed Preparation Clinical Cases


None Diabetes


FOAMcast, Episode 59 Syncope


FOAMcast, E16 Headaches


OnlineMedEd: Dyspnea Shortness of Breath


CoreEM, Episode 8 Chest Pain in the ED


Acting|Intern: Sepsis Modeule Sepsis & Septic Shock


Ultrasound Podcast: Basic The Trauma Ultrasound


Simulation Cases Medical/Trauma Codes


Final Presentations


Final Presentations



  • At least two 4-hours shifts per month
  • Direct mentorship from UCD medical students
  • Focused on key concepts in emergency medicine


  • EMX Calendar, HERE
  • EMX Shift Request, HERE
  • Confirm via email invitation

Please notify both your EMX Preceptor and EMX Director if you are running late OR need to cancel your shift (requires excused absence)

Important information about ED Shifts

General Notes

  • All shifts are scheduled for at least 4-hours in duration
  • Direct mentorship and education from UCD medical students
  • Interns partnered with an EMX Preceptor + EMX Attending Physician
  • Arrive on-time, in scrubs, wearing your ID badge, and ready to learn
  • Do NOT separate from your EMX Preceptor or Physician for any reason
  • Do NOT participate in direct patient care activities (eg, CPR, starting IVs)

Starting Your Shift

  • Meet you EMX Preceptor in the main lobby, by the gift shop
  • Arrive at least 10 minutes early, in scrubs and wearing your badge
  • Discuss with your learning goals prior to entering the department

Staying Safe

  • Do NOT engage in activities you deem to be unsafe or dangerous
  • Always follow standard body substance isolation precautions
  • Always follow posted enhanced isolation precautions
  • NEVER enter patient rooms marked “Airborne Precautions”

Ending Your Shift

  • Check-in with your EMX Preceptor and Physician before leaving
  • NEVER leave the ED with any patient-identifying information (ie, HIPAA)
  • Request a public safety escort at any time (this is a free service for all)

A Note About Wellness…

The Emergency Department often involves physically and emotionally challenging cases. It is important that you keep your mind and body healthy before, during, and after your shift. Should you experience any difficulty in coping with a difficult case, please contact the Program Director. You are NOT expected to cope with these challenges on your own. Confidentiality is guaranteed in the event that you need assistance with personal health and/or wellness.

Finally, EMX Preceptors will challenge you to think critically about each observed case. They will integrate human physiology and seminar content into these discussions, and expect you to actively participate. It is our commitment to provide you with a safe learning environment, free from all forms of abuse (eg, emotional, physical, verbal, etc.).Please contact the EMX Program Director immediately if you are placed in an unsafe learning environment at any time (confidentiality is guaranteed).